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  1. In order to fund our water infrastructure in the years ahead, we have dedcied to introduce domestic water charges for households over the next four years as outlined in the national recovery plan. It is expected that the charge will be in place by 2014 following the installation of water meters and will apply to domestic users. The installation of water meters will strengthen the capacity of local authorities to manage their water distribution networks, it will lead to greater incentives for households to conserve water, provide much needed funding to improve the network and bring about a customer service focus in the management of water services. The rollout of water metering will result in much needed jobs creating between 1,200 and 1,800 jobs between 2012 and 2014.Fianna Fe1il announced subsidies for energy efficiency and renewable energy have come through Budget 2011 unscathed in spite of cuts across the economy. We also announced a budget of €99m for energy upgrading Irish buildings in 2011 as the government ramps up for the launch of the National Energy Retrofit Programme (NERP). Since 2007, we have supported the energy efficiency upgrades of over 110,000 homes creating over 5,000 full time jobs. The NERP has set a target of upgrading one million buildings over the next decade. The programme is being designed to achieve an 8000GWh in Ireland’s energy consumption by 2020 through a combination of utility obligations such as Pay as You Save and refined versions of the SEAI’s existing programmes. this scheme in tandem with the new tax credits of €30 million for energy efficiency upgrades will create another 5,000 jobs.For work carried out under the NERP, home owners can claim a tax credit at the standard rate of 20% on works of up to €10,000. The maximum value of the credit is set at €2,000 to the home owner and this can be used to reduce their income tax bill over a number of years. Total relief granted is up to €30 million in one year. The amendments to the Business Expansion Scheme will help developers and promoters of green energy projects. By increasing the amount of equity which can be raised from €2m per company to €10m and by widening the scope of what is a qualifying activity, it will act as a stimulus to activities in the wind, ocean & solar energy, geothermal and biomass sectors. This measure will help establish Ireland as a centre for green financing.From 1 January, grants of up to €5000 per vehicle will be available for the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles.We are delivering the smart green economy which is providing the next generation of jobs for our people. We are committed to promoting the IFSC as a centre of excellence for trading carbon credits and this “Green IFSC” will create 4000 jobs.

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