The Network Experience: New Value from Smart Business Networks

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    The Network Experience: New Value from Smart Business Networks
    Peter H.M. Vervest, Diederik W. Liere van, Li Zheng
    Springer | English | 2008-11-17 | ISBN: 3540855807 | 370 pages | PDF | 3,1 MB
    Digital networking technologies are empowering organizations to form dynamic networks, generating exceptional or smart results. These Smart Business Networks (SBNs) enable individual organizations to compete more effectively and to respond better to a changing world. This idea attracted a diverse group of academic scholars and business professionals to Beijing from May 19-23, 2008, hosted by Tsinghua University. They discovered new ways to manage network resources, operate business processes across a network, create a business operations platform, understand the importance of network position and the smart mastering of technology. Effective managers, they concluded, must have a firm understanding of these fundamental network concepts in order to orchestrate the networks of the future. This book presents the results of an intense and energizing event which resulted in new theoretical foundations and practical insights.


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