Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography - iTunes Audiobook

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    Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography - iTunes Audiobook

    Yesterday I finished listening to the audiobook of Steve Jobs' biography. The unabridged audiobook is 25 hours long and cost 30$ in iTunes. I have been a long time fan of Apple and Jobs, working myself in the software industry.

    I thought I knew a lot about this guy, but I was sometime shocked sometimes delighted by was I learned. In this post I won't emphasis on his frequent mood swings or drug usage but rather on what I will remember from him.

    1. Be yourself no matter what.

    Don't try to please other just to be liked. There is a lot of people that did not like him at all. So don't try to please all. Leave that to politicians.

    2. See the big picture, but pay attention to details.

    This guy had vision and always had close control on what was going on. The details are everything. He could see the company's future as well as being able to choose a font type for a particular product.

    3. Don't be in business to make money.

    It's a paradox as Apple became to most valuable company in the history of business. Not because they wanted to squeeze every penny from the customer, but to create great products, as well as a company that can endure.

    Thanks Steve!

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