Shiva Rea - A.M. Energy Morning Practices

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    Shiva Rea - A.M. Energy Morning Practices
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    3 20-minute practices plus 20-minute Heart Salutation bonus from Radiant Heart DVD
    Wake up, clear your mind, and strengthen your body.
    Morning is the perfect time for an invigorating yoga program. Stretch your muscles, loosen your joints, and begin your day feeling healthy, vibrant, and focused.
    World-renowned instructor Shiva Rea has created three 20-minute practices to revive your body, mind, and soul at the start of each day. The first segment is an overall toning and strengthening program. The next is a fun series of rhythmic and freeform movements to generate energy, improve circulation, and brighten your mood. The third is an empowering practice for physical balance and mental concentration.
    Shiva's customizable yoga matrix allows you to mix and match the segments, along with an awakening meditation and closing shavasana, to suit your daily needs and schedule. Feel amazing every morning as you tap into your energy flow, tone your body, and harness positive power in your life.



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