Philip Atlas of the Universe 2005 Revised Edition

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    Philip's Atlas of the Universe 2005 Revised Edition | 52.51 MB

    Author: Sir Patrick Moore
    Title: Philip's Atlas of the Universe, Revised Edition
    Format: PDF with searchable/selectable text
    Year: 2005


    If there is a field of human enquiry that is pre-eminent in exciting mankind it is surely astronomy. What is out there in the cosmos? How did the universe start? Where is it heading? What will be the fate of the Earth? Is anyone else out there - and if so, how should we react to them? These are some of the great questions that we should all like to have answered. Of course, practising astronomers are involved in solving small parts of these puzzles, but most people - and the many amateur astronomers lead the way - provide considerable stimulus by their interest.

    This Atlas of the Universe, relating as it does to all these questions, attempts the impossible - and succeeds! Not only does it contain, as its name implies, maps of the heavens, but it covers a wealth of related detail, all fascinating material which will provide excitement, and knowledge, for readers of all ages.

    Just as the universe has evolved and, on a very much shorter time scale, mankind's knowledge of it, so has this particular Atlas. The first edition was written in 1970 and the most recent in 2005. As we have seen, progress in astronomy has been rapid and dramatic. Thus, the new Atlas contains maps and data from the very latest space probes and the increasingly complex ground-based telescopes. The information is not in an indigestible form, however. Patrick Moore - a master in the art of synthesis and simplification, yet without compromising on accuracy - has marshalled everything magnificently, with the result that the book is a work of art as well as a work of science.

    I recommend this Atlas to all who have an interest in the heavens--and in our own place in it.



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