Learn 2 shoot great video on your Canon 7D with Philip Bloom

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    Learn 2 shoot great video on your Canon 7D with Philip Bloom l 669 MB

    Who is this Training for?
    If you are new to the video mode on the Canon EOS 7D or are new to shooting video on any video D-SLR then this training will give you a very good level of understanding on what kit you need and how to use it.

    What you can expect
    This DVD takes you through all aspects of shooting video with the Canon 7D in video mode but everything is applicable to the 5DmkII too. It is not an advanced training rather a solid and comprehensive overview written and presented by D-SLR video Pioneer Philip Bloom this is a 'how to shoot' DVD for aspiring film makers and photographers embracing the D-SLR and using this powerful tool in video mode.

    "I feel very comfortable recommending it. The 7D version is 10 out of 10!"
    "Philip brings a lot of his knowledge to this training. He gives a lot of tips and tricks that specifically apply to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Canon EOS 7D. Especially things tailored to "creating the film look" - you'll get a lot of information you won't find in many other places."

    Independent reviews
    Please watch the trailer and also check out the independent reviews in the 'Independent Reviews' tab above to ensure that this training is right for you. Unfortunately we cannot refund digital downloads.

    Training Contents
    Sound Limitations of the 7D
    Setting up the Camera Menu
    Expanded ISO
    Creating a more Filmic Picture Profile
    How to Focus
    Using a Follow Focus
    Using a Monitor
    Using a Viewfinder
    Setting correct Shutter Speed for video
    Re-mapping the Operational Controls
    Controlling Exposure
    Using a Matte Box
    Selecting Lenses
    Sensor Crop Factor
    Tips for Shooting Handheld
    Using Video Support
    Video Frame Rates
    Shooting in Slow Motion
    Recording Sound
    Shooting a Sequence
    Rolling Shutter
    Avoiding Flicker form Artificial Lights
    Shooting at Night
    Timelapse Techniques

    Post Production Workflow (Final Cut Pro)
    Importing Files for Edit
    Creating Slow Motion
    Converting Timelapse Frames into Video

    Please Note- Philip uses equipment in this DVD training that he has both purchased and also that he has been loaned and or given by various manufacturers for review or appraisal. Some of this equipment features in this DVD. However Philip is clear in his summary that he uses the very best top end gear because this is what he does for a living. He is not suggesting that in order to shoot great video you need go out and spend thousands of $$ on kit. There are many manufactures now offering accessories to suit all budgets. Neither Learn DSLRVideostore.com or Fstopacademy.com receives any 'commission' as a result of these products featuring in this training. This training as provided AS is for educational purposes. Philip Bloom is not employed by Fstop Academy and and he has an ethics statement regarding his affiliate arrangements clearly positioned on his website.



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