Inna - Party Never Ends (2013)

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    Label : Roton
    Genre : Club
    Quality : 320kbps avg / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo
    Size : 126MB

    Inna is back with an even stronger effort than her second album, I Am The Club Rocker, as she goes back to her original club hit roots, and doesn't stray from that formula like she did on Club Rocker. At first listen, the songs sound similar, but repeated play brings to the front how strong each individual track really is, and the fact you're getting 16 songs is incentive enough to track down this currently hard to find import only CD out of Romania. I would imagine that once some of these hits get US club play, a US CD release should hopefully be on the horizon.

    Tracklist :

    1 In Your Eyes
    2 We Like To Party
    3 More Than Friends (feat. Daddy Yankee)
    4 Fall In Lie
    5 Shining Star
    6 Take Me Down To Mexico
    7 Famous
    8 Take It Off
    9 Tonight
    10 J'Adore
    11 Caliente
    12 Crazy Sexy Wild
    13 INNDiA (feat. Play&win)
    14 Ok
    15 Live Your Life
    16 Party Never Ends


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