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    7 de Diciembre de 2006
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    SC, USA
    Para usuarios registrados, FL Studio 7.4 ya esta listo para descarga en su seccion "My FL Studio". Trae los siguientes cambios/adiciones:

    Improved smoothness when recording for several minutes in Edison.
    Edison: new drum(loop) stretching tool (& paste replace (drum)), with improved gaps filling.
    Edison: CTRL+DRAG drums from one instance to another, to replace drums in a loop with drums from another loop.
    Edison: slide option now works on markers/regions too.
    Edison: hold right-shift to move markers more accurately (temporary zoom).
    Edison: new Tools->Send to playlist as audio clip, to send the clip to the playlist at selection, linked to the same mixer track as Edison.
    Added recording filter (right-click record button).
    Newbie enhancement: snapping is on by default.
    Newbie enhancement: browser snapshot now defaults to slot 1.
    Newbie enhancement: window menu icons replaced by holly down arrows.
    Bugfix: quick quantize no longer resizes playlist clips.
    New spectral view in monitor panel.
    Automation now displayed in pattern clips, improved event editor display.
    Channels in piano roll channel selector are now sorted by channel group.
    New list of available patterns when right-clicking the pattern selector.
    Patterns named '-pattern name' now act as separators in lists.
    Edison: new 'dual view' mode showing both waveform & spectrum.
    Added OGG Vorbis rendering target.
    Added randomize & humanize to multilink menu.
    Edison: added tools->sequencing->send to selected channel, to quickly send audio to the selected channel without dragging (mainly for Fruity Slicer).
    Little bugfix in Sytrus envelope release combined with sustain level.
    Default audio device changed to ASIO4ALL.
    Newly-recorded patterns now added as pattern clips (when in song mode).
    Fixed rare arpeggiator bug.
    Dashboard: fixed "full range" behaviour for selectors
    FPC: small UI changes
    FPC: better behaviour when samples are missing
    FPC: changed direction for changing pads from mouse wheel
    Fruity Wrapper: implemented support for sysex messages sent by the plugin (untested)
    Fruity Wrapper: let FL re-read key names when updateDisplay message is received from VST plugin
    Fruity DX10: mod init and sustain calculations now also take samplerate into account
    Fixed crash in Vista when Data Execution Prevention is on

    FLStudio 8 pronto, dentro de los primeros 4 meses del 2008.

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