Enigma - 15 Years After (2005, DVD9, DVD5)

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    Enigma - 15 Years After (2005, DVD9, DVD5, 6xCD)

    Title: Enigma - 15 Years After
    Year of release: 2005
    Genre: Ambient, Electronic, New Age
    Released: EMI
    Cast: Enigma



    I. The Voice Of Enigma
    II. Principles Of Lust
    A: Sadeness
    B: Find Love
    C: Sadeness (Reprise)
    III. Callas Went Away
    IV. Mea Culpa
    V. The Voice & The Snake
    VI. Knocking On Forbidden Doors
    VII. Back To The Rivers Of Belief
    A: Way To Eternity
    B: Hallelujah
    C: The Rivers Of Belief
    full versions
    Sadeness Part I
    Directed by: Michael Guimbard
    Mea Culpa Part II
    Director: Howard Greenhalgh
    Principles Of Lust
    Director: Howard Greenhalgh
    The Rivers Of Belief
    Director: Howard Greenhalgh


    Turn Around [3:55]
    Sadeness (Part 1) [4:10]
    Mea Culpa [4:06]
    Principles Of Lust [3:31]
    The Rivers Of Belief [4:28]
    Return To Innocence [4:55]
    The Eyes Of Truth [5:30]
    Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song) [4:12]
    Beyond The Invisible [4:37]
    T.N.T. For The Brain [4:01]
    Push The Limits [3:51]
    Gravity Of Love [3:55]

    Disc 1: "MCMXC A.D." (1990)
    Disc 2: "The Cross of Changes" (1993)
    Disc 3: "Le Roi Est Mort,Vive Le Roi!" (1996)
    Disc 4: "The Screen Behind The Mirror" (2000)
    Disc 5: "Voyageur" (2003)
    Disc 6: "15 Years After Special Bonus CD" (2005)

    Quality: DVD9, DVD5, 6xCD
    Video: MPEG-2, PAL 4: 3, (720x576) VBR, 6150 kb/s
    Audio: English LPCM, 2 ch, 1536 kb/s
    Audio: English AC3, 6 ch, 448 kb/s
    Audio: English DTS, 6 ch, 1510 kb/s
    Total Size: 21.59 GB
    Total Time: 01:34:00, 00:52:00, 04:30:00

    Download Hoster: rapidu.net, hitfile.net, turbobit.net

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