Carl Herold - Programming in C for Beginners

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    Carl Herold - Programming in C for Beginners
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    Computer Science for Everyone (formerly called "Higher Computing for Everyone") is a website designed to teach people how to write computer software. This website is designed for the beginner on up, and intends to provide easy to understand programming lessons and tutorials. This website starts with the "C" programming language, and expands from there. It is my belief that someone seeking to learn programming should start with "C" for a variety of reasons.

    Why "C"

    One question I have been asked a number of times is why have I chosen the C programming language for these lessons. Some people have been disappointed that I didn't start with a higher level language such as Python, and I will address that.

    First, C is a language that serves as a fantastic bridge between high level and low level languages. Once you know C, you can very easily branch yourself to any. other. language. No matter what language you intend to learn or in what direction you plan to take your IT career, learning C will be greatly beneficial.

    Once you have learned C, you will have a fundamental understanding of programming as a whole. At that point, what language you use will simply be a matter of preference or job requirement. You will not be limited to only jobs that require knowledge in a specific language, but rather you will be able to have a much wider set of opportunities open to you. You will find yourself much more free and the learning curve for new technologies will be greatly decreased.

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