Bad Boys Blue - Discography (88 CD) - 1985 - 2014

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    Bad Boys Blue - Discography (88 CD) - 1985 - 2014, MP3 (tracks), 320 kbps
    Genre: EuroDisco || Year: 1985 - 2014 || Audio Codec: MP3 || Bitrate: 320 kpbs

    1988.A World Without You (Michelle)

    01.A World Without You (Michelle) (Dance Mix)
    02.A World Without You (Michelle) (Radio Edit)
    03.A World Without You (Michelle) (Classical Mix)
    04.L.O.V.E. In My Car (Special Remix '88)

    1988.Hungry For Love

    01.Hungry For Love (Club Mix)
    02.Hungry For Love (Radio Edit)
    03.Hungry For Love (Instrumental)
    04.Pretty Young Girl (Club Mix '88)

    1989.A Train To Nowhere

    01.A Train To Nowhere (Club Mix)
    02.A Train To Nowhere (Radio Edit)
    03.A Train To Nowhere (Instrumental)

    1989.Lady In Black

    01.Lady In Black (Shakespearean Mix)
    02.Don't Leave Me Now
    03.Lady In Black (Radio Edit)
    04.Lady In Black (Instrumental)

    1989.Lady In Black (3'')

    01.Lady In Black
    02.Lady In Black (Instrumental)
    03.Don't Leave Me Now


    02.Love Me Or Leave Me

    1990.How I Need You

    01.How I Need You (Long Distance Mix)
    02.How I Need You (Instrumental)
    03.How I Need You (Radio Edit)
    04.How I Need You (Hello Dub Mix)

    1990.Queen Of Hearts

    01.Queen Of Hearts (7' Mix)
    02.Queen Of Hearts (Club Mix)
    03.Queen Of Hearts (Another Mix)
    04.Queen Of Hearts (Dub Mix)

    1991.House Of Silence

    01.House Of Silence (12'' Mix)
    02.House Of Silence (7' Mix)
    03.House Of Silence (Haunted House Mix)
    04.House Of Silence (Instrumental)

    1991.Jungle In My Heart

    01.Jungle In My Heart (Extended Mix)
    02.Jungle In My Heart (7' Mix)
    03.Jungle In My Heart (Album Mix)
    04.I Need A Woman

    1992.I Totally Miss You

    01.I Totally Miss You (7''-Mix)
    02.I Totally Miss You (12''-Mix)
    03.I Totally Miss You (Techno-Mix)
    04.I Totally Miss You (Instrumental)

    1992.I Totally Miss You (Promo) (US)

    01.I Totally Miss You (CHR Edit)
    02.I Totally Miss You (Album Version)

    1992.Save Your Love

    01.Save Your Love (12' - Mix)
    02.Save Your Love (7' - Mix)
    03.Save Your Love (Classical Mix)
    04.Save Your Love (Instrumental)

    1993.A Love Like This

    01.A Love Like This (Radio Edit)
    02.A Love Like This (Long Version)
    03.A Love Like This (Summertime Mix)

    1993.Go Go (Love Overload)

    01.Go Go (Love Overload) (Single Edit)
    02.Go Go (Love Overload) (Club Mix)
    03.Go Go (Love Overload) (Dream Mix)
    04.Go Go (Love Overload) (Extended Mix)

    1993.Kiss You All Over, Baby

    01.Kiss You All Over, Baby (Radio Edit)
    02.Kiss You All Over, Baby (Maxi Edit)
    03.Kiss You All Over, Baby (Instrumental)
    04.I Live

    1994.Dance Remixes

    01.L.O.V.E. In My Car
    02.Hungry For Love
    03.Pretty Young Girl
    04.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat

    1994.Luv 4 U

    01.Luv 4 U (Radio Mix)
    02.Luv 4 U (Club Mix)
    03.Luv 4 U (Dub Mix)
    04.Don't Be So Shy

    1994.What Else?

    01.What Else? (Radio Edit)
    02.What Else? (Club Mix)
    03.Family Beat

    1995.Hold You In My Arms

    01.Hold You In My Arms (Radio Edit)
    02.Hold You In My Arms (Extended Version)
    03.Hold You In My Arms (Frank Bizarre Remix)
    04.Hold You In My Arms (Robotnico Remix)


    01.Anywhere (Single Version)
    02.Anywhere (House Mix)
    03.Anywhere (Jeyenne Remix)
    04.Out Of The Blue (S.L.L.Y. Mix)

    1998.From Heaven To Heartache

    01.From Heaven To Heartache (Radio Edit)
    02.From Heaven To Heartache (MC's Radio Edit Feat. Brian Cornell)
    03.From Heaven To Heartache (Extended Version)
    04.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat '98 (Album Version)
    05.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat '98 (Disco Stomp Remix)

    1998.Hold You In My Arms

    01.Hold You In My Arms (Radio Edit)
    02.Hold You In My Arms (Extended Girl's Rap)
    03.Hold You In My Arms (Spanish Rap)
    04.Hold You In My Arms (Broadcast Mix)

    1998.The Turbo Megamix

    01.The Turbo Megamix
    02.The Turbo Megamix (Short Cut)
    03.Come Back And Stay '98

    1998.The Turbo Megamix Vol.2

    01.The Turbo Megamix Vol.2 (Radio Edit)
    02.The Turbo Megamix Vol.2 (Extended Version)
    03.L.O.V.E. In My Car (Rap Remix)

    1998.You're A Woman '98

    01.You're A Woman (Original Remix 1998)
    02.You're A Woman (Rap Remix 1998)
    03.Megamix Volume 1
    04.You're A Woman (Extended Rap Remix 1998)

    1998.Save Your Love `98 (Promo)

    01.Save Your Love (Original Remix '98 Edit)
    02.Save Your Love (Spanish Remix '98 Edit)


    01.Hungry For Love '99 (Radio Edit)
    02.Hungry For Love '99 (X-tended Version)
    03.Never Never (X-tended Version)
    04.Queen Of Hearts '99 (Album Version)

    1999.Never Never (Promo)

    01.Never Never

    2000.I'll Be Good

    01.I'll Be Good (Radio Edit)
    02.I'll Be Good (Extended Version)
    03.I'll Be Good (Level 1 Remix)
    04.I'll Be Good (Level 2 Remix)

    2003.Lover On The Line

    01.Lover On The Line (Radio Edit)
    02.Lover On The Line (Novaspace Remix)
    03.Lover On The Line (Pulsedriver Remix)
    04.Lover On The Line (Extended Version)

    2008.Still In Love

    01.Still In Love (Original Radio Edit)
    02.Still In Love (Original Extended Mix)
    03.Still In Love (Dj Elkana Paz Remix)
    04.Still In Love (Almighty 12 Lm Edit)
    05.Still In Love (Almighty 12 Lm Dub Remix)
    06.Still In Love (Twister Hard Club Edit)
    07.Still In Love (Twister Hard Club Extended)

    2010.Come Back And Stay Re-Recorded 2010

    01.Come Back And Stay (MS Project RMX Edit 2010)
    02.Come Back And Stay (Alex Twister Radio Edit 2010)
    03.Come Back And Stay (Spinnin Elements Remix 2010)
    04.Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) (Re-Recorded 2010)
    05.Hungry For Love (Re-Recorded 2010)

    Albums and Compilations:

    1985.Hot Girls, Bad Boys

    01. You're A Woman
    02. I Live
    03. Pretty Young Girl
    04. L.O.V.E. In My Car
    05. Kiss You All Over, Baby
    06. Hot Girls - Bad Boys
    07. For Your Love
    08. People Of The Night


    01. I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)
    02. Mon Amie
    03. One Night In Heaven
    04. Baby I Love You
    05. Kisses and Tears (My One And Only)
    06. Rainy Friday
    07. Lady Blue
    08. Love Really Hurts Without You
    09. Blue Moon
    10. Dance The Night Away

    1987.Love Is No Crime

    1988.My Blue World

    1989.Bad Boys Best

    1989.Super 20

    1989.The Fifth

    1990.Game Of Love

    1991.House Of Silence

    1991.You're A Woman

    1991.The Best Of

    1992.More Bad Boys Best


    1993.Bad Boys Blue

    1993.Dancing With The Bad Boys


    1994.Completely Remixed

    1994.To Blue Horizons

    1994.You're A Woman

    1996.Bang! Bang! Bang!


    1998.With Love From... The Best Of The Ballads


    1999.Follow The Light


    1999.Pretty Young Girl


    2001.The Very Best Of

    2001.Bad Boys Best 2001

    2002.In The Mix

    2003.Around The World

    2004.Hit Collection Vol. 1 (You're A Woman)

    2004.Hit Collection Vol. 2 (The Best Of)

    2005.Dancing With The Bad Boys

    2005.Greatest Hits Remixed

    2005.Hungry For Love

    2005.The Biggest Hits Of (South Africa)

    2005.Greatest Hits (2 CD)

    Greatest Hits CD1

    Greatest Hits CD2

    2006.Hit Collection (3 CD)

    Hit Collection CD1

    Hit Collection CD2

    Hit Collection CD3

    2008.Heart and Soul

    2008.The Single Hits

    2009.Rarities Remixed

    2009.Greatest Hits (2 CD) (Bootleg)

    Greatest Hits CD1

    Greatest Hits CD2


    2010.Bad Boys Essential (3 CD)

    Bad Boys Essential (CD1 - Extended and Instrumental)

    Bad Boys Essential (CD2 - Extended and Instrumental)

    Bad Boys Essential (CD3 - Extended, Remixes and Bonus Tracks)

    2010.25 (2 CD+DVD)

    25 CD1

    25 CD2

    2014.The Original Maxi-Singles Collection (2 CD)

    The Original Maxi-Singles Collection CD1

    The Original Maxi-Singles Collection CD2

    [​IMG] Boys Blue - Full Discography.part01.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part02.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part03.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part04.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part05.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part06.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part07.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part08.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part09.rar Boys Blue - Full Discography.part10.rar

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