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  1. S

    Stryper - Second Coming (MP3)

    Stryper - Second Coming (MP3) Release: 2013 | Track: 16 | Format: MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Size: 154 MB Genre: Rock, Hard Rock | Label: Frontiers Records [more] The Christian rockers STRYPER sign to Frontiers Records for a multi-album deal. The first release will be the new re-recorded collection...
  2. P

    Stryper : Second Coming (2013) [Deluxe Edition]

    Stryper Second Coming (2013) [Deluxe Edition] Artista/Artist: Stryper Album: Second Coming (2013) [Deluxe Edition] Estilo/Style: Black Metal Formato/Format: Mp3 320Kbps Tamaño/Size: 178 Mb 01 Loud N? Clear 02 Loving You 03 Soldiers Under Command 04 Makes Me Wanna Sing 05 First Love...
  3. P

    Stryper : Second Coming (2013)

    Stryper Second Coming (2013) Artista/Artist: Stryper Album: Second Coming (2013) Estilo/Style: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock Formato/Format: Mp3 320Kbps Tamaño/Size: 165 Mb 01 Loud N? Clear 02 Loving You 03 Soldiers Under Command 04 Makes Me Wanna Sing 05 First Love 06 The Rock That Makes Me...
  4. N

    Stryper Second Coming (2013)[UL-CLZ]

    Year : 2013 Style : Traditional Heavy Metal, Hard Rock Country : USA Audio : 320 kbps + front, back Size : 157 mb 1. Loud n' Clear 2. Loving You 3. Soldiers Under Command 4. Makes Me Wanna Sing 5. First Love 6. The Rock That Makes Me Roll 7. Reach Out 8. Surrender 9. To Hell with the...
  5. *ŠЄþH¦Ř0ŦĤ*

    Stryper- To Hell With The Devil(1986)

    Pedido por Lead 1. Abyss (To Hell With The Devil) 2. To Hell With The Devil 3. Calling On You 4. Free 5. Honestly 6. The Way 7. Sing-Along Song 8. Holding On 9. Rockin' The World 10. All Of Me 11. More Than A Man...
  6. *ŠЄþH¦Ř0ŦĤ*

    Stryper- Against the Law(1990)

    Pedido por kambey 1. Against The Law 2. Two Time Woman 3. Rock The People 4. Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul) 5. Not That Kind Of Guy 6. Shining Star 7. Ordinary Man 8. Lady 9. Caught In The Middle 10. All For One 11. Rock The Hell Out Of You...
  7. A

    Stryper - The Roxx Regime Demos (2007)

    Aqui les dejo el ultimo disco de Stryper es una remasterizacion de su primer demo con el nombre Rxox Regime http://www.cristianostube.com/subelo/download.php?file=23630
  8. A

    Stryper - In God We Trust (Pedido Joshua Jacobs)

    Que onda vos aqui te va el disco de stryper que me pediste http://www.zshare.net/download/stryper-zip.html Espero que mires este post Orale
  9. S

    STRYPER 7 CD´s

    Hola Hermanos vi que alguien estaba pidiendo Cd`s de Stryper y me Enconctre con estos links. Stryper - The Yellow And Black Attack http://rapidshare.de/files/27872729/S-t-r-y-p-e-r.TheYellowAndBlackAttack.FYH.zip Stryper - Soldiers Under Command...
  10. G

    Algo de Larue y ZoeGirl + STRYPER EN VIVO!!

    El que lo tenga que lo suba lo necesito URGENTEEEEEEEEEEEE. Aca les dejo algo de STRYPER EN VIVO!!! Parte one http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HN6OO4WR For you Open your eyes Make you mine Loud 'n clear Loving you The rock that makes you roll Reach out Guitar solo Calling on you...
  11. V

    Discografia de STRYPER - Heavy metal

    Saludos Brothers ahora les traigo a la banda pionera del metal cristiano, sin duda de lo mejor. The Yellow And Black Attack 7/21/84 http://rapidshare.de/files/13930664/yellow1986.zip.html 1. Loud 'N' Clear 2. From Wrong To Right 3. My Love I'll Always Show 4. You Know...