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  1. D

    Third Day Wire (2004)

    1. 'Til The Day I Die 2. Come On Back To Me 3. Wire 4. Rockstar 5. I Believe 6. It's A Shame 7. Blind 8. I Got A Feeling 9. You Are Mine 10. Innocent 11. Billy Brown 12. San Angelo 13. I Will Hold My Head High God Bless...
  2. D

    Come Together - Third Day

    1. Come Together 2. 40 Days 3. Show Me Your Glory 4. Get on 5. My Heart 6. It's Alright 7. Still Listening 8. I Got You 9. I Don't Know 10. When The Rain Comes 11. Sing Praises 12. Nothing Compares http://rapidshare.de/files/27611331/Come_Together__UK_.rar.html Dios...
  3. W

    Day Of Fire - Cut And Move (2006) [Pre-Release]

    Artist: Day Of Fire Album: Cut and Move [Pre-Release] Release Date: 6th June 2006 1. Love 2. Run 3. Hole In My Hand 4. Cut & Move 5. Regret 6. Far & Gone 7. Wake Me 8. When the Light 9. Frustrating 10. Reborn...
  4. W

    Day Of Fire--Day Of Fire

    :action-smiley-035: Artist: Day Of Fire Album: Day Of Fire (10/26/04) 1. Through The Fire 2. Detainer 3. Cornerstone 4. Time 5. Fade Away 6. I Am the Door 7. Rain Song 8. Adrienne 9. Jacob's Dream 10. Reap and Sow 11. To Fly http://www.uploading.com/?get=NN5IZHSM...
  5. I

    third day- live wire

    hola....... busco urgente el disco live wire de third day....porfavor el que lo tenga qu lo facilite porfa!!!!! se los agradecere mucho