Lil Wayne - She's A Ryder [Lyrics + UnOfficial Video]

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    She's a Ryda
    For Me
    I don't know
    If you've been told
    All I know
    Is that you've been warned
    About My Girl
    She's a killa
    She's bad
    Oh God.
    Oh My,

    She's a Ryda
    & she ridin for me.
    She's a ryda.
    Riding for me.

    Yea she'll ride it like a lady in a wheel chair.
    Louie V. Purse on her arm yea she got it still there.
    She gonna hold me down if the Feds come and get me.
    & Imma make her f**k the judge for a lighter sentence
    Yea the Devil Wears Prada Bitch and she riden for me you don't want problems bitch
    She about it bitch and she keep it real and she owns two twin pumps like a pair of heels.
    No Nicloe Richie no Paris Hilton just my gangsta boy spinnin like a ferris wheel.
    Takin money and she bringin it home for me.nigga
    Yea she a rider and she rydin for me.


    Now I don't know
    If you've been told.
    But I know
    Oh I know
    That You've been warned about my girl
    She's a killa
    She's bad
    Oh God
    God Damn

    She's a ryda
    & she rydin for me.
    She's a ryda
    & she rydin for me.

    Shawty hold da work fo me.
    Shawty hold ma gun fo me.
    Shawty take Daddy Dick
    Shawty Never run from me.
    Shawty know what I like.
    But Shawty do it how I love it. (x2)
    Shawty hold me down when all da bitches wasn't.
    Shawty never argued bout bitch or nothin
    Shawty know she numba one.
    F**k dem otha bitches one.

    She's a Ryda
    & She Rydin with Me


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