Full EPG In Seconds !

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    Full EPG In Seconds !

    If you want to get a FULL EPG in seconds just follow these simple:

    1. Insert a USB portable hard drive into the Jynxbox , any type will do .

    2. Make sure you are on "All Satellites"

    3. Go to channel 200 , this might work on other channels but that's the channel I used.

    4. Press the "MEDIA" button on your remote control , that's the button on the bottom right of the remote , the last button.

    5. Open the USB drive using the "Down" arrows on the center of your remote control .

    6. Highlight and click on the "EPG" folder ( When you open this it will show nothing , but that's OK)

    7. Now just exit out of this by pressing the "EXIT" button on your remote control.

    Wait about 5 minutes or so and for some reason the EPG fills up for a day and a half , maybe more if you leave it on the channel longer.
    Just keep checking the EPG to see when it starts to fill , it doesn't take long !
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