Extreme Close Quarter - Tactics Fight for Your Life

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    Extreme Close Quarter - Tactics Fight for Your Life [8.58 GiB]

    Survive the most vicious and violent attacks in your car, home or at the bar. In this comprehensive COMMANDO KRAV MAGA 4-DVD set, you will get no-nonsense street fighting tactics and techniques applied in real life close quarter situations. For the first time ever, you will get the most unique footage that combines highly detailed personal instruction from Moni Aizik with live action sequences utilizing CKM.

    In the most realistic and comprehensive DVD series to date, the Extreme Close Quarter Tactics: Fight for Your Life! 4-DVD Set will arm you with the most crucial life saving tactics and techniques to effectively protect yourself or your loved ones in the most confined areas. Take charge of any situation and survive!

    In this complete 4-DVD Set, you will get:

    DVD 1-Car: Arrive Alive!
    DVD 2-Home: Stay Safe!
    DVD 3-Nightlife: Club with Confidence!
    DVD 4-Confined Spaces: Special Edition!


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