creativeLIVE - Shooting & Designing Wedding Albums with Yervant

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    creativeLIVE - Shooting & Designing Wedding Albums with Yervant
    English | 3 Day Workshop | AVC 960x540 30 fps | AAC 96 Kbps 44.1 KHz | 6.49 GB
    Genre: eLearning / Photography
    Where does fashion photography meet wedding photography Join us June 21?23 to learn the secrets to creating cutting-edge, fashionable wedding images and albums with Yervant. Yervant?s shooting and technology techniques have forever altered the wedding photography landscape. During his 3-day course, he will teach you the methods that have made him one of the most desired wedding photographers of all time.

    Using live demonstrations and engaging how-to lessons, Yervant will take you step-by-step through the creation of a perfect wedding package ? including how to choose the right business model, pose the bride and groom on their big day, and design a timeless wedding album that your clients will treasure forever.

    If your wedding photography needs an upgrade, join us for this A-Z guide to high-end wedding photography with the Grand Master Yervant.

    Session 1 June 21, 2013
    Day 1 Pre-Show
    9:00 am - Yervant's Background in Photography
    11:00 am - Gear and Methodology
    1:00 pm - Posing a Bride and Groom
    2:30 pm - Shooting: Capturing the Emotion
    Day 1 Wrap-Up

    Session 2 June 22, 2013
    Day 2 Pre-Show
    9:00 am - Photography Industry
    9:30 am - Studio and Sales
    10:00 am - Reinvent Yourself
    10:45 am - Branding
    11:15 am - Editing and Finshing Photos
    1:00 pm - Workflow
    1:30 pm - Sale
    2:30 pm - Editing Step by Step
    3:00 pm - Editing Continued
    Day 2 Wrap-Up

    Session 3 June 23, 2013
    The Business of Albums
    Album Design and Layout
    More Albums with Special Guest
    Video to show the Bride

    An icon in the field of wedding photography, Yervant has transformed the traditional practice of wedding photography into an art form. He is the only Australian to have ever received WPPI?s prestigious ?Most Influential Wedding Photographer of Our Times? award, and is globally recognised by his peers for his ?contribution to the photographic industry and society.

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