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♫♪|[ Discografía De Petra]|♪♫

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A Buzzy Bee
Se incorporó
19 Junio 2006
Reaction score
Discografía de Petra


Petra-Petra 1974

Wake Up" (Hough)
Get Back to the Bible
Gonna Fly Away
Storm Comin
Parting Thought
Walkin' in the Light
Mountains and Valleys
Lucas McGraw
Backslidin' Blues
I'm Not Ashamed
Petra-Petra 1974 (Gracias a:chico top)
Petra-Petra 1974
Petra-Petra 1974


Petra-Come And Join Us 1977

God Gave Rock and Roll to You
Ask Him In
Sally" (Hough)
Without You I Would Surely Die
Come and Join Us
Where Can I Go
Holy Ghost Power
Woman Don't You Know (Hartman & Hough)
God Gave Rock and Roll To You
Petra-Come And Join Us 1977 (Gracias a:chico top
Petra-Come And Join Us 1977


Petra-Washes Whiter Than 1979

I'm Thankful
Why Should the Father Bother
Morning Star (Words & Music by Rob Frazier)
Magic Mirror
Mary's Song (Words & Music by Frazier)
Yahweh Love
(Couldn't Find Love) Without You (Words & Music by Frazier)
Taste and See
Magic Words (Words & Music by Frazier)
Deep Love
Petra-Washes Whiter Than 1979 (chico top)


Petra-Never Say Die 1981

The Coloring Song
Angel of Light
Killing My Old Man
Without Him We Can Do Nothing
Never Say Die
I Can Be Friends With You
For Annie
Father of Lights
Praise Ye the Lord
Petra-Never Say Die 1981 (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-More Power To Ya 1982

Stand Up
Second Wind
More Power to Ya
Judas' Kiss - Audio
Rose-Colored Stained Windows
Run For Prize
All Over Me
Let Everything That Hath Breath
Road to Zion
Petra-More Power To Ya 1982
Petra-More Power To Ya X MediaFire(Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-Not Of This World 1983

Visions (Doxology)
Not of this World
Bema Seat
Grave Robber
Blinded Eyes
Not by Sight (Words by John Slick)
Lift Him Up
Pied Piper
Occupy (Words by Slick)
Visions (Reprise) (Doxology)
Gracias a: Kusanagui
Not Of This World (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-Beat The System 1984

Beat the System
Computer Brains
It Is Finished
Voice in the Wind
God Gave Rock and Roll to You
Witch Hunt
Hollow Eyes
Speak to the Sky
**No Disponible Actualmente**


Petra-Capturen In Time & Space [1985]

Beat The System
Computer Brains
Grave Robber
Speak To The Sky
Hollow Eyes
The Rock Medley(Stand Up,Not By Sight,Judas' Kiss)
The Mellow Medley (The Colouring Song,Road To Zion,More Power To Ya)
John's Solo/Jesus Loves You/The Race
Bob's Solo
Louie's Solo
God Gave Rock And Roll To You
The Praise Medley (Let Everything That Hath Breath,Without Him We Can Do Nothing,Praise Ye The Lord,Hallelujah Chorus)
It Is Finished
Petra-Capturen In Time & Space [1985]
Petra-Capturen In Time & Space [1985] X MediaFire (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-Back To The Street [1986]

Back to the Street
You Are I Am
Shakin the House
King's Ransom
Whole World
Another Crossroad
Run for Cover
Fool's Gold
Altar Ego
Thankful Heart
Petra-Back To The Street [1986]
Petra-Back To The Street [1986] X MediaFire (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-This Means War! [1987]

This Means War!
He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
Get on Your Knees and Fight Like a Man
I Am Available
Kenaniah (Words by Hartman, John Lawry & Danny Kingen; Music by Lawry & Kingen)
You Are My Rock (Music by John & Dino Elefante)
The Water Is Alive
Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
Dead Reckoning
All the King's Horses
Petra-This Means War! [1987]


On Fire! [1988]

1. All Fired Up - Audio
2. Hit You Where You Live - Audio
3. Mine Field
4. First Love
5. Defector
6. Counsel of the Holy
7. Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name
8. Open Book
9. Stand in the Gap - Audio
10. Homeless Few
On Fire [1988] (Gracias a:SoyNuevo)
On Fire [1988] (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra Praise-The Rock Cries Out [1989]

I Love the Lord
King of Kings
Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
Take Me In
Salvation Belongs to Our God
The King of Glory Shall Come In
No Weapon Formed Against Us
I Will Celebrate/When the Spirit of the Lord
I Will Sing Praise
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Friends (All in the Family of God)
I Will Call Upon the Lord
We Exalt Thee
Petra Praise-The Rock Cries Out [1989]


Petra-Petra Means Rock 1989

1.stand up
2.get on your kness and fight like a man
3.hit you where you live
4.killing my old man
5.shakin' the house
6.second wind
8.not by sight
9.all fired up
10.praise ye the lord
11.he came, he saw, he conquered
12.without him we can do nothing
13.angel of light
14.judas' kiss
15.let everything that hath breath
16.cousel of the holy
17.god gave rock and roll to you
Petra-Petra Means Rock (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-Beyond Belief [1990]

Armed and Dangerous
I Am on the Rock (Words & Music by Hartman and John Elefante)
Beyond Belief
Underground (Words & Music by Hartman and Elefante)
Seen and Not Heard
Last Daze
What's in a Name
Petra-Beyond Belief [1990](Gracias a:MemilloC


Petra-Unseen Power [1991]

Who's on the Lord's Side
Ready, Willing, and Able
Hand on My Heart
I Need to Hear from You
Dance (Music by Elefante)
Secret Weapon (Music by Hartman & Elefante)
Sight Unseen
Hey World
In the Likeness of You
Petra-Unseen Power [1991]-F-Forge
Petra-Unseen Power [1991]-Rapidshare
Petra-Unseen Power [1991]-Megaupload
Petra-Unseen Power [1991]-Megaup...
]Petra-Unseen Power [1991]X Uploading(320Kpbs)


Petra-Petrafied:The Best Of Petra 1991

1.Why Should The Father Bother?
2.Yahweh Love
3.The Coloring Song
4.Praise Ye The Lord
5.More Power To Ya
6.Let Everything That Hath Breath
7.Not Of This World
8.Not By Sight
9.Hollow Eyes
10.Thankful Heart
11.Whole World
12.This Means War!
13.Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
14.All Fired Up
15.First Love
Petrafied:The Best Of Petra (Gracias a:Chico top


Petra-Petraphonics 1992 daze
2.why should the father bother?
3.the coloring song
4.more power to ya
5.road to zion
6.not of this world
7.grave robber
8.hollow eyes
9.thankful heart
10.fool's gold
11.I am available
12.don't let your heart be hardened
13.first love
Petra-Petraphonics [1992]
Petra-Petraphonics [1992] X Zshare (Gracias a:chico top)


Power Praise [1993]

1. power praise
2. yahweh love
3. praise ye the lord
4. without him we can do nothing
5. let everything that hath breath
6. lift him up
7. adonai
8. you are I am
9. you are my rock
10. somebody's gonna praise his name
Power Praise [1993](Gracias a SoyNuevo)
Power Praise X Zshare (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-En Alabanza [2002]

1. Amo Al Señor
2. Rey de Reyes
3. Cristo Glorioso Rey
4. La Batalla Es De Nuestro Señor
5. Señor Llévame A Tus Atrios
6. La Salvación Es De Nuestro Dios
7. El Rey De Gloria Entrará
8. Yo Celebraré/El Espíritu De Dios
9. Te Alabo
10. Tu Nombre Santo Es
11. Amigos
12. Clamaré a mi Señor
13. Te Exaltamos
Petra-En Alabanza [2002]
Petra-En Alabanza X Rapidshare (Gracias a:chico top)


Petra-Wake Up Call 1993

Midnight Oil
Good News
Strong Convictions
He's Been in My Shoes
Praying Man
Underneath the Blood
Sleeping Giant
Believer in Deed
Marks of the Cross
Just Reach Out
Petra-Wake Up Call 1993


Petra-Rock Block [1995]

1.the rock block
2.angel of light
3.counsel of the holy
4.not by sight
5.shakin' the house
6.second wind
7.hit you where you live
8.he came, he saw, he conquered
9.judas' kiss
10.stand up
11.killing my old man
12.all fired up
13.get on your knees and fight like a man
15.god gave rock and roll to you
Petra-Rock Block [1995]


Petra-No Doubt [1995]

Enter In
Think Twice
Heart of a Hero
More Than a Thousand Words
No Doubt
Right Place
Two Are Better Than One
Sincerely Yours
Think on These Things
For All Your Worth
We Hold Our Hearts Out to You
Petra-No Doubt [1995]


Petra-Praise 2-We Need Jesus [1997]

Song of Moses, Rev. – 15:3-4
Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
Be of Good Cheer
Show Your Power
I Love You Lord
The Holiest Name
Let Our Voices Rise Like Incense
Ancient of Days
I Waited For The Lord on High
Lovely Lord
Medley(Only by Grace,To Him Who Sits on the Throne,You Are Holy)
We Need Jesus
Petra-Praise 2-We Need Jesus [1997]


Petra-God Fixation [1998]

1 If I Had to Die for Someone
2 Hello Again
3 Matter of Time
4 Falling Up
5 Over the Horizon
6 God Fixation
7 Set for Life
8 Magnet of the World
9 Shadow of a Doubt
10 St. Augustine's Pears
11 Invitation
Petra-God Fixation [1998]
Petra-God Fixation [1998] X Rapidshare (Gracias a:chico top)


Double Take [2000]

1.Judas' Kiss
2. The Coloring Song
3. Dance - Audio
4. Beyond Belief
5. The Longing
6. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
7. Beat the System
8. This Means War
9. Breathe In - Audio
10. Creed
11. Praying Man
12. Just Reach Out - Audio
Petra-Double Take (Gracias a:SoyNuevo)


Petra-Revival [2001]

Send Revival, Start With Me
The Noise We Make
The Prodigal's Song
Amazing Grace
Jesus, Friend of Sinners
Better Is One Day
Meet With Me
You Satisfy
We Want to See Jesus Lifted High
How Long
Petra-Revival [2001]


Petra-Still Means War 2002

1. Who's On The Lord's Side
2. Ready Willing And Able
3. Armed And Dangerous
4. Onward Christian Soldiers
5. Heart Of A Hero
6. God Fixation
7. This Means War
8. Secret Weapon
9. Underground
10. Sleeping Giant
11. The Battle Belongs To The Lord
12. Right Place
13. No Weapon Formed Against Us
14. Show Your Power
Petra-Still Means War 2002


Petra - The power of Praise [2003]

1.Ancient of Days
2.We Need Jesus
3.Salvation Belongs To Our God
4.Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
5.Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One
6.In The Likeness Of You
7.I Will Celebrate/When The Spirit Of The Lord
8.The Holiest Name
9.I Love You, Lord
10.We Exalt Thee
11.I Will Sing Praise
12.We Hold Our Hearts Out To You
Petra - The power of Praise [2003]


Petra-Jekyll & Hyde [2003]

Jekyll & Hyde
All About Who You Know
Would'a, Could'a, Should'a
Perfect World
Test of Time
I Will Seek You
Life As We Know It
Till Everything I Do
Sacred Trust
Por Zshare (Gracias a:chico top)
Petra-Jekyll & Hyde [2003]-English
Pass: Feed Your Head


Jekyll & Hyde en Español [2003]

Jekyll & Hyde
¿Quién es tu conécte alla?
Lo que pudo ser
Un mundo perfecto
La prueba
Te adoro
Así es nuestra vida
Pacto de amor
Jekyll & Hyde en Español [2003]


Farewell-Petra [2005]

1.All About Who You Know
3.Amazing Grace
4.Test Of Time
6.Right Place
7.Rock Medley: Sight Unseen, It Is Finished, Think Twice, I Am On The Rock, Midnight Oil, Mine Field, This Means War, It Is Finished (Reprise)
8.Jekyll & Hyde
9.Acoustic Set: (featuring Greg X Volz) Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows, Road To Zion, More Power To Ya, For Annie, No Doubt, The Coloring Song, Love
10.Grave Robber
11.Keyboard Solo (featuring John Lawry)
12.Beyond Belief
13.Guitar Solo (featuring Bob Hartman)
14.He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
Farewell-Petra [2005]-Zshare
Farewell-Petra [2005]-Uploading
Farewell-Petra [2005]-Uploading
Farewell-Petra [2005]-F-Forge


Petra-The Ultimate Collection

1. Walkin' In The Light
2. Backslidin' Blues
3. Why Should The Father Bother ?
4. Praise Ye The Lord
5. Coloring Song, The
6. For Annie
7. Judas' Kiss
8. More Power To Ya
9. Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
10. Not Of This World
11. Grave Robber
12. Beat The System
13. It Is Finished
14. God Gave Rock And Roll To You
15. Hollow Eyes
16. Adonai
Petra-The Ultimate Collection_-_Disc 1(Gracias a:trdsam!)

1. Thankful Heart
2. This Means War !
3. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
4. All Fired Up
5. Mine Field
6. Love
7. Beyond Belief
8. Creed
9. Prayer
10. I Love The Lord
11. Dance
12. Sight Unseen
13. Jekyll & Hyde
14. Just Reach Out
15. No Doubt
16. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
17. We Need Jesus
Petra-The Ultimate Collection_-_Disc 2 (Gracias a:trdsam!)

Otras Compilaciones


Petra-The Rock Cries Out [1989]

I Love The Lord
King of Kings
Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One
The Battle Belongs To The Lord
Take Me In
Salvation Belongs To Our God
The King Of Glory Shall Come In
No Weapon Formed Against Us
I Will Celebrate/When The Spirit Of The Lord
I Will Sing Praise
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Friends (All In The Family Of God)
I Will Call Upon The Lord
We Exalt Thee
Petra-The Rock Cries Out [1989]

Tributo a: PETRA


Tribute to Petra - Never Say Dinosaur - Various

1. Taste and See - Audio Adrenaline
2. Judas' Kiss - Walter Eugenes
3. Not of This World - The Galactic Cowboys
4. Yahweh Love - Sarah Jahn
5. I Can Be Friends With You - MXPX
6. Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows - Jars of Clay
7. Louie's Solo - Passafist, , Kevin Max Smith
8. Road to Zion - Sixpence None the Richer
9. Pied Piper - The Stand, The Stand
10. Wake Up - Grammatrain
11. Coloring Song
12. All the King's Horses - Plankeye
Tribute to Petra - Never Say Dinosaur - Various

Petra de Colección

1.Petra Youth Choir Collection Vol. One
2.Petra Youth Choir Collection Vol. Two

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no se encuentra aqui,no dude compartirlo con nosotros.
Yo por mi lado estare eternamente agradecida:)
The Early Years, 1996
War and Remembrance: Fifteen Years of Rock, 1990
Beat the System, 1984


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