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  1. M

    Unearth - The March (2008)

    Metalcore/Thrash Metal Track Listing: 1. My Will Be Done 2. Hail The Shrine 3. Crow Killer 4. Grave Of Opportunity 5. We Are Not Anonymous 6. The March 7. Cutman 8. The Chosen 9. Letting Go 10. Truth Or Consequence 11. Untitled...
  2. *ŠЄþH¦Ř0ŦĤ*

    Unearth - Alive From The Apocalypse (Live Album) (2008)

    Metalcore 01 - Giles (Live) 03:58 02 - This Lying World (Live) 04:26 03 - This Glorious Nightmare (Live) 04:39 04 - Zombie Autopilot (Live) 04:10 05 - Endless (Live) 03:27 06 - March Of The Mutes (Live) 03:30 07 - Only The People (Live) 04:01 08 - Sanctity Of Brothers (Live) 03:29 09 - The...
  3. *ŠЄþH¦Ř0ŦĤ*

    Unearth -Discografia

    AGRADEZCAN Unearth - Above The Fall Of Man(Ep) Track list: 01.-Call to Judgement 02.-Convictions 03.-Lefty 04.-Shattered by the Sun http://rapidshare.com/files/52478580/_1999__Above_The_Fall_Of_Man.rar Unearth - The Stings Of Conscience Track list: 1. My Heart Bleeds No Longer...