"A child was born awesome one day. Growing up in Puerto Rico, he has developed a very vivid imagination. Coincidentally, his name happens to be DAVINSHII.One day, Davinshii was asked to ponder on his great thrills in life. As soon as he was deep in thought, a story was born, a story about improvisation, great sex, and his amazing friends on a journey through the jungle of a business world, controlled by giant companies with ridiculous amounts of power. He was driven with a burning desire, a sincere love of interaction, and an intense will to succeed in any endeavor."Problems are only learning experiences"... -Says Joey while writing a story on the spectacle happening inside his head. "It is crazy how people keep repeating the same actions over and over that keep them running on a wheel similar to a hamster at a Pet-Co. How is fear of losing a friend keeping you in that relationship? Don't you see that you're working hard enough so she doesn't leave you, and she's giving you enough attention so you don't leave her ass?"...No longer will he work for money. No longer will he give for attention. He becomes an asset to everybody he befriends and everyone he works for because he seeks to help them convert into successful friendships. And as he slowly straightens his spine after 3 agonizing paragraphs!... Cheers

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