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    ANDROID 29 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Fight the alien invasion with two heroes Duncan and Katy.
    The world was a peaceful place until the aliens arrived! Fight the invasion with two heroes Duncan and Katy.
    In this adventure you will find:
    - Two heroes.
    - High detailed environments and enemies.
    - 15 primary weapons.
    - 4 secondary weapons.
    - 15 items.
    - 19 different enemies.
    - Boss fights.
    - Several stages and game modes.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    ‘Going Going Gone’ is a one of a kind and explosive home run derby experience. Prepare to rise through the
    ranks from Rookie to Superstar by hitting monstrous home runs! Choose your superstar, upgrade your
    equipment, and beat down your opponents in Arcade and VS modes. Earn special Feats by completing challenges
    that will further improve your slugger! So what are you waiting for? Grab your bat and get ready to knock it
    out of the park with ‘Going Going Gone’!


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Test your skills in the art of building bridges!
    The goal of Bridge Architect is to build resistant structures able to support the passage of vehicles.
    You have a fixed amount of elements to build and test the bridge until vehicles reach their destination.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    graphic adventure third person's located in the 2020s
    2022: The company has changed a lot over the last decade. Fine time left. Strung up the costume and
    antihero by Max struggles with what you have in this unusual and fun adventure.
    The first adventure, as real life, just arrived. An adventure that combines the best of classic graphic
    adventures with the diversion and current comic graphics

    BLOCK STORY 4.4.2

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Block Story combines a mineable blocky world pioneered by Infiniminer and made popular by Minecraft with
    exciting and addictive role playing.
    Build anything you can imagine, fight monsters, become stronger, or explore a beautiful and infinite world.

    SNAP CAMERA 1.0.005

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    A Whole New Camera Experience
    Snap is a camera and gallery application based on the camera included in Android 4.2 on the Nexus 4.
    Take pictures and record video with a single click, no cluttered preview screen, just the two buttons
    you really need.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Monitor your Battery status with Statistics, Charts and beautiful Widgets!
    With Battery Monitor Pro you can control your Battery status, here are some features:


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    A simple, fast and easy to use unit converter with 165 currency conversions!
    Unit Converter Plus is a simple and friendly unit converter with a clean user interface.
    Unit Converter Plus has everything you loved about the original Unit Converter and a whole lot more.
    Some of the new features include:


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Live wallpaper video gallery for phones & tablets. 100s of HD live wallpapers.
    Are you looking for rushing waterfalls, rolling clouds, dancing fire, ocean waves, mountain panoramas
    or cool and stylish abstract live wallpapers? Then we have something for you!

    CM10.1 CM9 TOUCHWIZ 5.0 THEME 3.3.7

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    CyanogenMod 10.1, CyanogenMod 10, CyanogenMod 9 & AOKP Theme: TouchWiz 5.0 for the T-Mobile theme chooser

    8 FOR ANDROID 1.6

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Make your phone run like a new computer with this amazing themed launcher!
    Get ready for an entirely new experience on your phone! This launcher allows your phone to emulate a 8 pc
    on your Android device. You can replace this home application with the default one and access everything on your
    phone through 8 for Android. You can add tiles with your favorite applications on the home screen as well
    as your most used apps like the browser, phone, mail, and messaging. There are also folders so that you can add your
    favorite games, social, and media apps.

    Tasker v1.3.3u2

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    * Triggers: App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer, Plugins
    * Actions: 200+ built-in, plugin support
    * Tasks: loops, variables, conditions
    * Scenes: design your own screen overlays
    * App Creation: create your own standalone apps to share or sell!


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    RPG / Strategy game
    Set in a Universe where contracts rule, in Hunters you can build a team of Mercenaries and become the most
    renowned Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Take up to 30 photos per second with this camera app for ultra-fast
    That the application for camera fastest Android. Even the new iPhones are not so fast!

    Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.10.139

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Kaspersky Mobile Security delivers the latest security technologies to protect Android smartphones from viruses, Internet threats, phishing sites, spyware and spam. It includes easy-to-use, advanced privacy features and – if your phone is lost or stolen – you can remotely protect your data and find the location of your missing phone.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Gameplay Powered by YOUR A music!
    Discover your music library like never before with this intense shooter music. (Must be on SD card)


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    The exciting thriller continues! Are you ready to go back to Mysteryville?

    The courageous and talented journalist Laura Winner returns to the small town that everyone remembers
    through award-winning Mysteryville. Again, she finds herself at the epicenter of a scandal. So she decided
    to relax and take a little vacation with his friend Bill Witowsky, she is devastated when she discovers
    upon his arrival that Bill was gone. She decides to conduct his own investigation and discovers that the
    new priest of the city is about to hold an auction of works of art and jewelry, unusual event for this
    small rural town. Bill's disappearance would it relate to the sale? This is what Laura will discover.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Build a bridge to let the train safely cross the valley.
    Build a bridge with the given amount of materials to let the train safely cross the valley.

    REAL STEEL HD 1.0.40

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Be ready for battle with this futuristic fighting game illegal, where a ton robots compete in a fight to the
    death where everything is permitted! Includes 2 game modes, challenge a series of aggressive robots in Tournament
    mode or make a quick fight against the opponent of your choice in Free Battle mode. Your objective: defeat Midas
    and unlock all 8 unique Robots! We are not born champion, one becomes.

    VOICE PRO 2.6.8

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    By adopting this application you will soon realise its potentiality and multiple functions which will allow you to
    make practically all you need and want to do with your records. Like edit, cut, adjust, eliminate disturbances and
    noises and insert background


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Watch all the changes of your apps AFTER or BEFORE updating them!

    Are you tired of going through every updated application on the Play Store to see what the developer has changed?
    Changelog Droid solves this problem by fetching all the information directly from the Play Store after or before you
    update them.

    TEXTGRAM PRO 2.1.52

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    This is the pro version of Textgram.
    Create beautiful graffiti and share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Streamzoo,
    etc.. or save them in your gallery.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Exciting game with unique capabilities. The new word in the genre of Turret Defense.
    We present you the new game – Defence Effect. Interesting gameplay, serious opponents and innovative
    game mechanics. Two game modes: Campaign with free opportunity to try each type of weapon and Survival,
    where you'll need to earn your weapon.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    A 3D educational guide to the human anatomy (available also as FREE web app and for /MacOS desktop
    as well) featuring an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. Wikipedia and Grays anatomy info available.

    SPACE ACE 1.030

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of hand-drawn animation adapted from the original smash hit
    arcade classic. Transferred from the original high definition master film, you’ll experience this fully arcade
    authentic experience right in the palm of your hand

    SHOT CONTROL 2.6.6

    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    A camera app designed to help serious photographers take better photographs.
    this is a great tool for every mobile photographer out there. Having all of the camera controls on the main screen is heavenly,
    & you are able to adjust white balance, flash, exposure, & basically everything else without opening a menu


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Music Player (Remix) is an advanced music app for Android designed from the ground up to be powerful,
    yet user-friendly and fun to use.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    App 2 SD streamlines the movement of applications to the internal memory or external via your device settings. With this very practical
    application, you will have better control over the memory of your list of applications that will continue to grow. This application is
    essential for all users who have storage problems.


    ANDROID 31 aplicaciones de pago GRATIS

    Next Launcher, designed by GO Dev Team, is officially released now!

    Designed by GO Dev Team, ‘Next Launcher’ shows how a 3-D and dynamic launcher could be possibly like -- Extend imagination, extend capabilities.
    Wish you enjoy this app and have a wonderful holiday!

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