PRO100 4.42 + 1900 PROJECTS

PRO100 4.42 + 1900 Projects | 1.11 GB

PROSTO allows you to create solid models of any furniture and interior design items, place them in a pre-established area, view created in multiple display modes, including photorealistic, print, and export to an image file to create a scene, keep price lists, perform calculations and costs Created projects, material consumption, print reports. Also present in the assembly 1,900 projects PRO100.
1,900 projects PRO100
Objects are sorted into groups.
Every project has a file with the image preview.

Bathroom 19
Children 146
Other 55
Apartments 74
Computer tables 47
Sofa beds 92
Kitchen 436
residential premises 80
Office 25
Hallway 103
Bedroom 47
Wall shelf slides 125
Tables chairs armchairs 185
Cabinets dressers dressing tables 295
Elements 199.


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