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100 Disco Hits Songs (2012)

Tema en 'Musica Electronica' comenzado por sumacher71, 12 de Noviembre de 2012.

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  1. sumacher71

    sumacher71 New Member

    100 Disco Hits Songs (2012)

    VA - 100 Disco Hits Songs (2012)
    Pop, disco | MP3 | 320 kbps | Tracks: 100 | 2012 | 1.07 Gb
    Track List:

    001.Fantastique – Maria No Mas.mp3 (12MB)
    002.Rick Astley – Dont Say Goodbye.mp3 (10MB)
    003.K.B.Caps – Julia.mp3 (17MB)
    004.Arabesque – A New Sensation.mp3 (8MB)
    005.Alphaville – Sounds Like A Melody.mp3 (10MB)
    006.Modern Talking – A Telegram To Your Heart.mp3 (7MB)
    007.London Boys – Put A Meaning In My Life.mp3 (8MB)
    008.Saragossa Band – Ginger Red.mp3 (9MB)
    009.Tom Cat – Black Jack.mp3 (12MB)
    010.Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin.mp3 (10MB)
    011.Abba – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!.mp3 (11MB)
    012.Donna Summer – Hot Stuff.mp3 (12MB)
    013.Neoton Familia – Don Quijote.mp3 (9MB)
    014.Amanda Lear – Blood And Honey.mp3 (11MB)
    015.Solid Strangers – Vision (Of The Night).mp3 (10MB)
    016.Black Denim – Everybody Dance.mp3 (9MB)
    017.Neil Smith – Help Me Through The Summer.mp3 (12MB)
    018.Charade feat. Norma Lewis – Break Me.mp3 (20MB)
    019.Blue System – Deja Vu.mp3 (9MB)
    020.Primadonna – Flashing On The Floor.mp3 (13MB)
    021.Bobby ‘O’ Orlando – I’m So Hot For You.mp3 (12MB)
    022.Silent Circle – Touch In The Night.mp3 (12MB)
    023.Kay Franzes – Take Me and You’ll Win (Wunderbar).mp3 (8MB)
    024.Gina T – You Really Got Me.mp3 (9MB)
    025.Jock Hattle – Too Be Or Not Be.mp3 (10MB)
    026.Saphir – Shot In The Night.mp3 (10MB)
    027.Joy – I’m In Love.mp3 (9MB)
    028.Mozzart – Devil’s Rendezvous.mp3 (16MB)
    029.Secret Service – How I Want You.mp3 (9MB)
    030.Boney M – Sunny.mp3 (9MB)
    031.Bad Boys Blue – A Train To Nowhere.mp3 (9MB)
    032.Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky.mp3 (8MB)
    033.Modern Talking – Jet Airliner.mp3 (10MB)
    034.Fancy – Flames Of Love.mp3 (9MB)
    035.Click – Duri Duri Baila Baila.mp3 (12MB)
    036.C.C.Catch – Are You Man Enough.mp3 (8MB)
    037.Lorraine Mckane – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.mp3 (10MB)
    038.Fair Control – Symphony Of Love.mp3 (13MB)
    039.Bonnie Tyler – If You Were A Woman.mp3 (12MB)
    040.Den Harrow – Overpover.mp3 (10MB)
    041.Pupo – Le Devo Solo A Te.mp3 (7MB)
    042.Boys Next Door – Jenny.mp3 (9MB)
    043.Secret Service – Flash In The Night.mp3 (12MB)
    044.New Baccara – Touch Me.mp3 (16MB)
    045.Les McKeown – Nobody Makes Me Crazy Like You Do.mp3 (11MB)
    046.Blue System – Magic Symphony.mp3 (8MB)
    047.Samantha Fox – I Only Wanna Be With You.mp3 (6MB)
    048.Radiorama – Heartbreaker.mp3 (14MB)
    049.Michael Jackson – Thriller.mp3 (14MB)
    050.Aki – Tokios.mp3 (11MB)
    051.Joe Yellow – I’m Your Lover.mp3 (12MB)
    052.Curacao – Curacao.mp3 (7MB)
    053.Anoushka Renzi – Robot Love.mp3 (15MB)
    054.Roxanne – Give A Little Love.mp3 (13MB)
    055.Bad Boys Blue – Lady Blue.mp3 (10MB)
    056.Sandra – In The Heat Of The Night.mp3 (12MB)
    057.Mike Mareen-Germany.mp3 (13MB)
    058.Ottawan – Shalala Song.mp3 (9MB)
    059.Boney M – Ribbons Of Blue.mp3 (10MB)
    060.Riky Maltese – Warrior.mp3 (14MB)
    061.Dschinghis Khan – China Boy.mp3 (9MB)
    062.Abba – Voulez-Vous.mp3 (12MB)
    063.Debut De Soiree – Nuit De Folie.mp3 (10MB)
    064.Charlie G – Llama L’amor.mp3 (14MB)
    065.Julia Claire – Big Star.mp3 (14MB)
    066.C.C.Catch – Dancing In Shadows.mp3 (8MB)
    067.Modern Talking – Let’s Talk About Love.mp3 (9MB)
    068.Phil & Stan – Love You Tonight.mp3 (14MB)
    069.Desireless – Qui Sommes Nous.mp3 (11MB)
    070.Fancy – Bodyguard.mp3 (15MB)
    071.Sabrina – Boys.mp3 (9MB)
    072.Kim Wilde – You Came.mp3 (8MB)
    073.Blue System – Lucifer.mp3 (9MB)
    074.Patty Ryan – You’re My Love, You’re My Life.mp3 (10MB)
    075.Kado – Tonight.mp3 (14MB)
    076.Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita.mp3 (9MB)
    077.Buckingham Palace – Give Me Your Name.mp3 (9MB)
    078.Numero Uno – Just Like Marco Polo.mp3 (9MB)
    079.Alan Ross – Valentino Mon Amour.mp3 (13MB)
    080.Ottawan – Crazy Music.mp3 (13MB)
    081.Maltese – Mama.mp3 (13MB)
    082.Boney M – Young Free And Single.mp3 (10MB)
    083.Alexis – First Night Of Love.mp3 (13MB)
    084.Grant Miller – I’m Alive Tonight.mp3 (9MB)
    085.Hazell Dean – Searchin.mp3 (19MB)
    086.Bad Boys Blue – You Are Woman.mp3 (9MB)
    087.Eddy Huntington – USSR.mp3 (14MB)
    088.Patrick Cowley – Megatron Man.mp3 (9MB)
    089.Den Harrow – Future Brain.mp3 (10MB)
    090.Ken Laszlo – Mary Ann.mp3 (7MB)
    091.Diego – Walk In The Night.mp3 (22MB)
    092.Savage – Celebrate.mp3 (8MB)
    093.C.C.Catch – Strangers By Night.mp3 (13MB)
    094.Bee Gees – Tragedy.mp3 (12MB)
    095.Peter Schilling – The Different Story.mp3 (9MB)
    096.Jessica – C’est La Vie, Mon Cherie.mp3 (12MB)
    097.Bananarama – I Can’t Help It.mp3 (8MB)
    098.London Boys – Harlem Desire.mp3 (9MB)
    099.Arabesque – Why No Reply.mp3 (8MB)
    100.Aleph – Big Brother.mp3 (15MB)


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